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Digital Dentistry

The 3D imaging and manufacturing technology is a game changer in dentistry. We are using the best digital equipments for the best results in our work.

What Digital Dentistry consists of?

  • Digital Impressions
  • Digital Design
  • 3D Printing of the restoration
  • Applying to the tooth

Digital Smile Design

Our smiles are one of the most important part of our facial view. The beauty of our faces can’t be considered without a beautiful smile. The color, brightness, proportions of the teeth and also the gingival health and gingival levels are involved in your smile.
All the data of your smile are recorded with professional photography and impressions. The smile design is made over your photos and models first.
We can create the simulation of your final smile and apply temporarily to your teeth for a pre-opinion before your treatment starts. You can see the result before we start.

Dental Implants

Dental Implant is the best way to regain of the lost teeth for a long time. The surgical procedure is done properly with high success rates and with no pain.

We use best dental implant brands to provide the long term success.

All on Four

All on Four is a special technique which was found by Dr. Paulo Malo from Portugal. The technique is being performed regularly in our clinic, because of the benefits. You may have your fixed temporary teeth in 1 day with All on Four.